Technical Publications

The EDI staff has combined their years of field experience with engineering theory to offer various education and training opportunities for you and your engineers.

Annual Seminar

Every year EDI presents a seminar for engineers who work with plant machinery and piping. If you make decisions about the reliability and safety of systems experiencing high vibrations, our seminar is for you. EDI covers the latest design procedures for ensuring acceptable dynamic design characteristics of machinery and piping. You will gain insight into methods for analyzing systems in the design stage to eliminate and prevent vibration problems from occurring.

Seminar Manuals

Two manuals are included with seminar class attendance. These books discuss the theory and methods available to analyze various vibration and pulsation problems. Case histories and "rules of thumb" that can be used to quickly evaluate vibrations and machine designs are also discussed. For those unable to attend, these seminar manuals are available for individual purchase.

Staff Publications

EDI staff members have been published in numerous technical journals and have shared their expertise at symposiums. These articles are available through EDI and some can be downloaded from our web site.