Services Overview, Analytical Studies

Pulsation (Acoustic) Analysis

EDI specializes in Pulsation Control Analysis as specified in API 618 for reciprocating compressors and in API 674 for reciprocating pumps, and is a member of the API 618 and API 674 sub-task forces on vibration control.  EDI’s proprietary digital acoustical simulation software has been in use since 1985, and has been utilized extensively for solving problems with existing equipment, as well as for studies to develop pulsation suppression devices in the design stage. Time domain software has been in use since 1995.

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Torsional Vibration

Torsional vibration is oscillatory angular motion that causes twisting in shaft sections and couplings of machinery. These fluctuations are superimposed on the steady running speed. High torsional vibration can be destructive and will not usually be detected by accelerometers and proximity probes commonly used to measure lateral vibration.

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Rotordynamics Analysis

Dynamics of rotating shafting generally refers to lateral (radial) and torsional (angular) vibration of the rotor components. Lateral vibration may be due to unbalance, instability, or other external forces acting on the rotor. Potential vibration and reliability problems with rotating equipment can be prevented by performing lateral critical speed and stability analyses of the rotor.

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Structural Analysis

Detailed three-dimensional (3-D) finite element models are often used to evaluate mechanical natural frequencies and/or static stress of structures, vessels, skids, etc. EDI is equipped with cutting edge CAD and FEA software (ANSYS and Inventor) and has the experience to create and analyze sophisticated finite element models.

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Thermal Stress Studies

Thermal stress studies are required for the design of piping systems in order to assure that the piping can withstand sustained weight loads and thermal growth effects.  This type of analysis is often performed for compressor systems in conjunction with API 618 acoustic design studies.

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Silencers for Screw Compressors

Screw compressors create significant pulsation at multiples of vane pass frequencies.  Since this pulsation occurs at relatively high frequencies, shell wall and piping natural frequencies are excited.  EDI designs silencers for screw compressors using our pulsation simulation software.  Designs are developed to minimize the efforts of cross-wall resonances, while optimizing acoustic filtering.

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