Services Overview, Field Testing & Diagnostics

Shaker and Impact Testing

EDI maintains a range of sizes of custom built rotating shakers, including a large shaker capable of producing thousands of pounds of dynamic force. 

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Structural Component Failures

Most structural failures are due to fatigue (cyclic stress) rather than static loading. A combination of several analysis methods aid in defining the "root cause" of a structural failure. A combination of several analysis methods will aid in defining the “root cause” of a structural failure.

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ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes)

ODS testing is an extremely useful tool for determining the vibration “shape” of machines and structures. Vibration data is obtained at various points on the structures and the data are animated using the amplitude and phase relationships and the corresponding test points of a 3-D model.

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Motion Amplification Video

EDI uses the IRIS MTM technology to produce visualizations of machinery, piping, and foundation vibration.    The videos are often sufficient to identify problems and recommend solutions.  In more complex situations, the information from MAV can be combined with ODS or other diagnostics to develop a complete understanding of a vibration problem.


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Engine/Compressor Performance

EDI has established a test group to provide routine engine/compressor maintenance and performance analysis services. A predictive maintenance program can significantly improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs of reciprocating machinery.

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Noise Contour Map

EDI Performs environmental noise surveys for new or existing plant sites using ANSI S1.4-1983 Type 1 or IEC61672 Class 1 instrumentation. Noise contour maps can be produced to comply with OSHA permissible exposure limits.

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